Scottish Provident Building ~ a business centre with a personality

There is a nod to our historic building's Victorian era heritage -not just with our sense of style but also our sensibility for doing things the 'old fashioned way'. Well, that's if you consider exemplary customer service as 'old fashioned'. To us it's as important today as it's always been. And we know that our business is more akin to the hotel industry ~ where service standards should be second to none ~ but we also believe we can offer so much more than is expected of us, which makes the day-to-day experience that bit more ...personable.

A business lounge for everyone

Catch up on the day's news, relax with a coffee or escape for a private conversation, our lounges are havens of tranquillity for our guests. Based on the gentleman's clubs of old (except minus the elitism perhaps!) our lounges are designed to help relax the mind as much as impress your guests.

Signage with a smile

It might not sound like much but even the signage that you'll find around the building is an extension of our personality. With a cheeky nod to the Victorian era, the signage playfully points the way to the facilities around the floors - from 'This way gents' and 'Follow me ladies' for the WCs or 'Fancy a brew?' for a kitchen.

A bike chandelier fit for a bike rack

So when it came to doing up our 24 hour access area we first had to think about all the bikes that were there - it was a makeshift bike rack at the time. It was in dire need of a refurb. The original building must have looked spectacular with mosaic tiled floors, original Victorian tiles and a very grand staircase, but it was looking quite dour. We brought in specialist restorers, craftsmen joiners and even had two beautiful, sculptural chandeliers commissioned by L.A. artist Carolina Fountura. The chandeliers are made from reclaimed bicycle parts - a nod to the space's former use.

Let loose on the terrace

The Terrace was built to house the many parties we have at Scottish Provident Building. Originally, our 'Fridays in the Lounge' social events were actually held in the lounge! But, as our client list grew so did the need for space...

So now we have the perfect breakout area that caters for our soirées, our Christmas parties and our client's events too ...oh, and it's partially covered to cater for the Belfast weather too!

Who doesn't love a good cliché?

During a refurb of one of the meeting rooms, we brought in local artist Peter Strain to help with the décor. “We came up with a wall poking fun at all the clichés you hear in meetings. Peter's work has featured in magazines like The New Yorker, The Guardian and Time Magazine. Of working on the Scottish Provident Building project, Peter Said “I normally work on a much smaller canvas size so it was really exciting to work on such a large scale. Doing a typographic mural was something I’d been really interested in doing so it was a bit of a dream job to get the call from Colin & Donna. I think we’ve ended up with something that’s both very striking and quite fun.”

Scottish Provident Building.

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